Light Rule

Have a tasty table of treats.
Find recipes here or ask each of your guests to bring their favorite Christmas sweet or cookie.

NOTHING says Christmas like a gingerbread house.
Make one from scratch or purchase and decorate a pre-made house!

SERVE your guests Reindeer Food.
Puppy Chow is a tasty treat that can be labeled as “Reindeer Food”. Recipe here.

create a buffet for your favorite four-legged friends!

Hors d'oeuvres Galore!
Appetizer1 Appetizer2 Appetizer3
Try this website for a number of festive party appetizers. These recipes are quick easy to make, which
works out perfectly for the busiest season of all. You can also find a number of appetizers that
are red & green to add to the festiveness!


From hot chocolate an hot apple cider to eggnog and red & green martinis -- there is little you can't do to get your guests in the spirit with a drink -- whether they have spirits or not!

get creative with your table!
No matter what you do, you can really pull through the theme, simply in how you set your dinner or food table.

Some ideas to help you with your table:

  • Find old Christmas fabric, table cloths, etc.
  • Use Christmas wrapping paper to create a backdrop for your table, placemats, table runner, even a table cloth!
  • Search out inexpensive Christmas decorations at your local dollar store.
  • Use red and green colored paper/plastic plates -- much more inexpensive than plastic or patterned plates and gives the same, festive effect!
  • Find large quantities of ornaments and use them as centerpieces (see above). By purchasing in quantity, you will cut down on the price and have enough to scatter throughout your party venue and pull together your theme!
  • Purchase one swatch of festive fabric, cut into strips and use as napkin bows.
  • Use festive holiday ribbon to tie your silverware together in lieu of napkin rings!
  • Spray paint old wine bottles and other bottles red, green, white and silver for centerpieces.

WHATEVER You decide to serve, you can put it in a customized menu and/or table tents to let your guests know! (Editable menu design and table tents come with mystery purchase)

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Fa la la la la -- music!
This one is a little bit of a no-brainer -- Christmas Music!

Here are some ways to provide free music for your gathering.

  • Visit your local library and check out some Christmas cds.

  • Visit where you can type in a genre of music and it will stream music throughout your par

  • Visit iTunes and stream Christmas music from there

  • Download free Christmas Carols here. Or here.

  • You may also consider playing soundtracks from Christmas movies: Find a list of them here.

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